Environmental Stewardship

Oakland Zoo Cleanup

By July 23, 2019 No Comments

On a sunny Thursday, large trucks, filled to the brim with wood chips, made their way down the winding path of the Oakland Zoo parking lot to meet Knighted volunteers. The assignment? Helping make the grounds even more beautiful. Enormous mounds of wood chips hit the ground, and the team naturally started working together immediately. They created shoveling and sweeping crews and an assembly line to quickly move the wood chips to designated areas. They did these tasks all while taking photos and watching our child volunteers at the playground nearby. Zoo groundskeepers were thoroughly impressed with our Knights’ abilities to work quickly and accurately, hoping we come back again in the future. After finishing early, team members enjoyed the zoo, and all it offers, visiting various animal habitats and riding on the new gondola. Thank you to all the Knights who are proud to be a part of a culture of servant leadership. Knighted Neighbors couldn’t do it without you!