Our Communities Support Us, So We Support Them In Kind.

What We Do

Servant Leadership In Action

Community Impact

Serving others through involvement in our communities, from partnering with local nonprofits to supporting employee-led philanthropic causes

Environmental Stewardship

Doing our part to protect our local ecosystems through restoration, preservation and beautification, and by reducing our environmental impact

Supporting Learning

Fostering professional and personal leadership development through ongoing employee education and learning resources

What We Stand For

We are reliable, generous, and helpful toward those around us.

Developing Ourselves

We constantly push ourselves to grow with diligence, determination, and fellowship.

Taking Ownership

We hold ourselves accountable and take initiative to get the results we seek.

Being Positive

We project positivity, assume others’ best intent, and make our work fun!

About Us

We work & live to give back

Our team focuses primarily on community engagement - giving our people a voice to connect with their communities by coming together under the banner of servant leadership. We are active across California, partnering closely with nonprofit organizations that align with our core values of community improvement, environmental sustainability, and supporting continuous learning. We go where help is needed and have a shared goal to improve our communities.


Lending a helping hand

As the premier third-party proposition player services company, Knighted, and by extension, Knighted Neighbors, is a diverse community with interests both professional and extracurricular. Our people hold a strong desire to learn, and community leadership is the primary means through which we push ourselves to grow. Our philanthropic values are derived from our shared experiences, bringing us together and driving us to help others facing similar challenges.

Our Partners

Our events and programs are successful because of the caring individuals and organizations that ensure our mission and vision are achieved. See what volunteers and community partners have said about working with Knighted Neighbors.

Belinda MercadoWardrobe for Opportunity - Client & Volunteer Coordinator

Working with Knighted Ventures is a perfect example of the impact of volunteerism. Knighted Ventures reminds us that volunteering positively impacts our own communities and that people all over the nation share the same values and energy of giving back.

Nekeda Newell HallShoes That Fit - Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships

When companies like Knighted invest in their local communities to help kids learn, play and thrive, everyone wins!

Erin RankHabitat LA - President and CEO

Habitat LA has accomplished a great deal thanks to the support of donors and volunteers, like Knighted Neighbors. We are incredibly grateful when a company brings their employees to one of our sites for a day of team building. Together, we are working towards our vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Alameda County Community Food Bank

Alameda County Community Food Banks serves 1 in 5 neighbors, whom we can’t reach without help from our volunteers. Knighted Ventures employees volunteered in our warehouse, helping sort fresh veggies for our community. Their critical support means children, families, and seniors will have the healthy food they need to thrive. We’re grateful for Knighted Ventures and our shared mission of working towards a stronger, more nourished community!

Gilbert RadilloA Place Called Home - External Relations & Special Initiatives Director

No matter what the task, not matter what date and time, Knighted Ventures employees show up and get things done! We have had KV assist with distributing toys to over 3,500 youth in south central Los Angeles, as well as lend their expertise during our fundraiser West Coast Game Night. Knighted Ventures is part of the A Place Called Home family and we look forward to partnering on an on-going-basis.

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

The Food Bank's mission to mobilize resources to fight hunger in our community would not be possible without the support of community partners like Knighted Ventures, whose team of dedicated volunteers have completed over 180 hours of service and allowed us to distribute an estimated 43,000 meals in the past year.

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